Pregnancy Postcards Reveal Social Lives Of Dinosaurs

A new study has revealed that dinosaurs used to send each other pregnancy postcards. Researchers believe that this was a way for the animals to keep track of their offspring and ensure that they were being properly cared for.

“This is a fascinating glimpse into the social life of dinosaurs,” said lead researcher Dr. Alan Grant. “We can see that they were very concerned about their young and took steps to make sure they were safe and healthy.”

The postcards were found in a fossilized nest in China, and they are believed to date back around 150 million years. The messages on the postcards are largely unreadable, but they appear to include information about the sender’s health and the condition of their eggs.

“It’s amazing to think that these animals were using a form of communication that is so similar to our own,” said Dr. Grant. “It just goes to show how much we have in common with them.”


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